Thursday, July 25, 2019

How Did I Successfully Rebrand

A question was cast upon me about rebranding my YouTube page and how do I promote? The truth is, the technique I use did not work overnight because the tool that I used has more seniority over YouTube.

I am a blogger before vlogger.

Both my YouTube and my blogs have the same age but I spent more time working on my writing than I did to create video contents throughout the years. This ensured that my blog traffic was much higher than my YouTube channel's but over the course of six months, I have been using the same tactics that I used on my blog for my YouTube channel and it works like a charm.

I was always told that I need a paid domain to make money blogging because if I use free sites like blogger, I wouldn't make anything and I cannot be an affiliate marketer. The truth is, there is some affiliate marketing group who do want to see a website with a domain and there are some who do not care for it. The people pushing you to purchase a domain are affiliate marketers who make a commission if you click their link to purchase a domain. There is a reason for everything.

I started returning to blogger the beginning of the month and it works just the same except I didn't have to do too much to insert ads. Google Adsense did it for me. Blogger is a Google product so just like YouTube, your AdSense automatically works with your site once you become approved.

If you're looking to get into free blogging, check out blogger and if you're looking for designs, here is a few sites that offer free designs with instructions on how to change up the looks.

How to Promote

So Adsense monetizes blogger or any blogs quicker than they monetize YouTube. The only catch is, your website needs to be at least 30 days old and have a good amount of writing or publications. It has to be AdSense ready. Once you have set up your blog, I would suggest making your video on YouTube and sharing it on your own website and properly SEO it to gain the attention it deserves.

I will be discussing more on how to link your blog to your YouTube to continue promoting because as I mentioned before, success does not happen overnight.


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