Monday, July 8, 2019

TakStar SGC-598 Review

After months of uploading videos to my YouTube channel, I notice that my audio is not up to par and since I live with a lot of people who sleep in very early (I am the only night owl), I have to whisper most nights. It was becoming aggravating especially since I have had some comments about how low my audio is. I had to postpone using my Nikon D5300 to create contents and settled for my laptop’s webcam where I can connect my Bluetooth headset to use as a microphone. The audio was better, but my video quality was looking crappy.

I knew I had to figure out a better way to get the video that I want to share and edit.
I received the Takstar SGC-598 and while I was shooting my video to do a review of the audio, I thought the audio was still not great because I reviewed my footage through my DSLR, so my initial reaction was to return it. Once I began editing the video on my laptop, I notice that my audio was clearer, and I was finally heard even when I was whispering. I am amazed especially since the shotgun microphone was very affordable.
TakStar SGC-598
I tried writing a great review on Amazon for the product but since I linked my review back to my YouTube channel, they rejected my post. They mentioned that it is not in the guideline so here is my review! I’ve linked the product above and if you want to see the difference in sound quality, check out my video below.

You can also find these products used in my video.

Nikon D5300

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